Use of donations

V2T is an independent campus and cultural centre authorised by the government to help and support children and young people through education. It is a non-profit organization that operates without government subsidies. In order to effectively support and help the children and the wider community, we want to provide our volunteers, students and interns with the infrastructure and tools they need to carry out their tasks efficiently. Since V2T is not a commercial operation with the means to generate income, we rely on the generosity of our supporters and donors.

Donations will be used according to where the greatest need exists. This can be a contribution to cover the running costs, a support to cover investments for the further expansion of the campus, or for the maintenance and care of the growing infrastructure. Teaching materials are needed throughout the year for classroom work. Means of transport require maintenance and repairs.In addition, we sponsor every year not only the disadvantaged primary school children at our schools but also disadvantaged Thai students who want to do an internship with us.

We help them as much as we can with food, supplies and accommodation at our campus. We want to offer a comfortable environment for the volunteers and interns for the duration of their stay.  If you think that this sounds worth supporting, we would be happy if you buy the items offered by our supporters and thereby help our project and our efforts.