General Terms and Conditions

  1. “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © is an initiative of Volunt2Thai Austria to help the independent children’s aid project Volunt2Thai Campus and Cultural Center in Thailand to raise funds to support their structures.
  1. The initiative is supported by “Volunt2thai Austria – Verein zur Förderung der Freiwilligenarbeit” (short V2T) The brand and label “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © is property of “Volunt2thai Austria – Verein zur Förderung der Freiwilligenarbeit” Copyright © 2020. All rights reserved February 19, 2020.
  1. The association is located in Groß-Enzersdorf Austria.  According to V2T’s statutes, the association has exclusively non-profit and direct objectives and is by definition a non-profit, not-for-profit organization (§§ 34 to 47 of the Austrian Federal Fiscal Code). Article 3.2.6. of the association’s statutes states that income from charitable events and auctions is permissible, as long as it serves the purpose of the association. This page is to be understood as an ‘online charity event’. Donations will be handled as cash donations directly to our project Volunt2Thai Campus and Cultural Centre in Thailand, donation receipts can be requested directly from us if required.  
  1. The Campangne “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © is not a registered commercial enterprise but an initiative, it is not subject to commercial law. “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © exclusively offers people with specific skills who produce physical or abstract products, intellectual products or of artistic creation, a platform on which they can publish and communicate their work.
  1. As a non-profit organisation V2T does not demand any remuneration for this offer. Purchase and sale always takes place directly and independently from V2T and solely between seller and buyer. All payment transactions, without exception, take place independently of V2T between buyer and seller, payments go directly to the seller (outside the online platform “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©)
  1. “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©: an aid project, an independent website that supports artists in their actions to create content for art enthusiasts. It aims to create more visibility for creative people who create an intellectual product in their social networks with the result that they are highlighted in the eyes of the largest number. In return, creative people who create an intellectual product support “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©, V2T’s children’s charity project in Thailand. In order to create more visibility and related external help for Volunt2Thai.
  1. “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © is at no time the owner of the Works, publications, artwork, intellectual property displayed online and can therefore at no time be held legally responsible. The buyer buys the artwork directly from the artist. Neither Volunt2Thai Austria, nor Volunt2Thai Campus and Cultural Center in Thailand have any influence on the purchase contract that may arise between the seller and the buyer.
  1. Only works of art originally produced by the publishers are accepted. Only the “Creator, author, artist” is the owner, producer and provider of the artwork that is advertised for sale on “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©  by the creators, author, artist him her self. The sales contract is always concluded between “buyer” and “seller”.
  • ‘Buyer’: means the legal person who visits “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © and can buy the artwork directly from the artist
  • ‘Seller’ means the legal person who visits “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” © and offers the self-created artwork directly to the “Buyer”
  1. The ‘item’ is the work to which the sales receipt issued by the seller refers. Sales receipt may also include costs for transmission, import or export duties, a statutory increase or decrease in VAT or other government taxes may be reflected in the prices. Packaging costs and insurance and must be agreed solely between buyer and seller. These documents are issued on request directly by the seller, but at no time by “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©
  1. ‘The online exhibition’: the occasion at which the work of the seller is or will be exhibited. “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©  does not assume any legal responsibility for the works exhibited on “VOLUNT2THAI CHARITY” ©. The copyright of the artwork belongs to the seller who made the item. In case of doubt the copyrighted content will be removed.
  1. ‘Right of return’ Volunt2thai is at no time part of the commercial transaction, a possible “right of return” can only be negotiated between “buyer” and “seller”.
  1. ‘Donations to V2T:  V2T is a registered charity, a non-profit organization that works without government subsidies and therefore has no financial reserves. Donations to V2T are therefore irrevocable without any legal claim. Any money V2T receives is immediately used for expenses necessary to cover the running costs of the project.
  1.  Force Majeure, V2T has no liability for any lack of performance, unavailability or failure of the services or its website, or for any failure of V2T to comply with these terms and conditions, where the same arises from any cause reasonably beyond the control of V2T.
  1. This General Terms and Conditions are and governed exclusively by the laws of Austria