How it works

In the year 2020, independent artists and small aid organisations will be in particular need because of the corona virus. The Volunt2Thai-Shop is an initiative of Volunt2Thai Campus and Cultural Center in Thailand, a village development project with a focus on children. Art and charity go hand in hand at Volunt2Thai. Within the Volunt2Thai project, artists from all over the world work together to help disadvantaged children. In return, Volunt2Thai supports various artists in promoting their work and offers a donation shop for artists.

Volunt2Thai acts as a patron of the arts! All works offered in this shop are offered directly by the artists and can be purchased directly from the artist of your choice. 

Seller Information

Have you already registered as a dealer or are you still planning to do so?

In the following we would like to explain how the donation shop works here.

Register as a dealer

Give your shop a name

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Setup your Shop

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Seller Dashboard

As a seller you have access to your own seller dashboard. There you get all information about your sales, orders. You can create products or read reviews. Here you can also define all settings, adjust opening hours, create coupons or request a cashout.

Furthermore you have the possibility to read out all information and statistics of your sales via the report. There you will receive information about the number of products sold, earnings and number of visitors. The statistics can be displayed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Sell Products and Cashout

As soon as you have sold a product and the customer has paid, the full amount of 100% is automatically transferred to the donation account of Volunt2Thai. As soon as you have completed the shipping of the product and set the status of the order in your shop to “Complete”, you can request the cashout of the sold product via the sales menu under the item “Whitedraw”. As soon as this has been checked by an admin, you will immediately receive the payment of 80% of your sales proceeds to your deposited Paypal account. 20% of the sales proceeds remain as a donation at Volunt2Thai. You can also collect the cashouts and have them paid out later.