V2T was started in 2014 with the aims of helping farmers and their families and to encourage the development of the region with particular emphasis on guiding the children of the villages to a better future. V2T has since grown and with the constant expansion of its network, it has become a Campus & Cultural Center and platform for all kinds of projects.

V2T is to broaden the boundaries of the children and improve their understanding of the world with our influence and presence so that when they grown up they will be able to act in a wider intercultural dimension. With a better understanding of the world they occupy, they will be better equipped to determine their own destiny. In simplest terms “all project participants will have left behind knowledge and good memories”.

V2T, Volunt2Thai – Volunteer to Thailand is an state-licensed association
and has its headquarters in Vienna (Volunt2Thai Austria – association for the promotion of volunteer work). At the beginning the state-supported organization “Weltwegweiser” (“Jugend eine Welt”), supported by the Austrian Development Agency (Austria), belonged to our partners. Volunt2Thai was able to contribute to this organization through various contributions over several years. In the meantime Volunt2Thai has grown into a completely independent international organization with its commitment, partners and projects.