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Here in the year 2020, free artists, freelancers, creative minds and small aid organisations are in particular need due to the corona virus.

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V2T Carity offers you an free e-commerce marketplace, where the sale is from consumer to consumer and from shop to consumer. V2T Charity Shop is not a commercial shop, but a fundraising campaign an initiative of the Volunt2Thai Campus and Cultural Center in Thailand, a village development project with a focus on children. With every product you sell through our marketplace you can support our project.

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Knowledge, art and charity go hand in hand at V2T. Creative minds from all over the world help disadvantaged children together through the Volunt2Thai project. In return, Volunt2Thai supports people who offer their knowledge in making their work known and provides them web platform.

All works offered on our V2T Charity portal are offered directly by the suppliers and can be purchased directly from the artist respectively creator of their choice. The copyright owners and we at Volunt2Thai want to do good with our work in the first place. With the purchase of the offered works you donate additionally in favor of Volunt2Thai.

Make yourself happy, buy what you enjoy, support creative people, authors and artists and also the children cared for by Volunt2Thai, to whom you make a donation with every purchase.